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            Our existing members can volunteer to join one of our committees.

            For you who want to get involved actively with rock art for the first time, read on!

            There are many ways you can help the field of rock art.  Get in touch with your state and local rock-art advocacy organizations, and the long-term members there will have lots of examples to give you.  Meanwhile, here are a few ideas.


            There a many success stories where hard work of volunteers has led to the preservation of important rock art sites. We will never know or be able to tell all of these stories, but here are a few of them.


            First, be sure you do no damage at any cultural heritage sites, including those with rock art.  Please see our Guide for Guides to Rock Art Sites and our statement of Ethics.


            Figure out what you are most interested in, and where your skills are.  By all means, LEARN as much as you can about rock art, about the living and historically recorded cultures near the rock art you are most involved with, about what natural and man-made phenomena affect preservation of rock art, and so on.


            You may be a good artist or photographer, or good with computer manipulations of digital images (or you may want to learn more of any of these skills).  Please see the page on Recording and Digital Image Enhancement (making evident what is otherwise impossible to see).  Participate in a training session on methods of recording.


            You may love the outdoors.  You may have good people skills.  Consider becoming a Site Steward to help protect and maintain a given rock art site near your home.  A sample of some Site Steward programs may be found here.


            You may be good at organization, fundraising, or persuading organizations to support the preservation of our common cultural heritage.  All of these can be very useful in efforts to protect rock art.


            You may be an academic researcher.  Help us all to better understand the history of rock art.


            You can help us to make this web site more useful by letting us know how it could be more useful, how explanations could be clearer, or notifying us if a link no longer works or if we should consider adding a link to an additional web site within the range we try to cover.


            Whatever your skills, there is a place for you.  There is so much to do that it will keep all of us busy and more, for many years to come.  Only a small number of those involved with rock art do it as their profession, for a living.  Most of us do it because we love it, think it is important, for many wonderful reasons.



Where to Get Started in Learning About Rock Art

            Recommendations from some experts.  Please click here. [not yet active]



Glossary of Technical Terminology for Rock Art etc.


The international IFRAO Rock Art Glossary is available on the web here



To use another electronic glossary of Rock Art terminology, you can go here and “join” as a registered user.