Troy Scotter

Kevin ContiBy profession I am a management consultant. Archeology and rock art are my avocations. Most of what I know about rock art is limited to Utah. I find it is a very big world once I leave those state borders. Why can’t everyone just have Anasazi, Fremont, and Barrier Canyon rock art? It would make life much easier. I have worked with, or on, the URARA Board for over a decade. I have served as the ARARA Award Chair and for two years on the ARARA Board. I feel like I am just starting to get my head wrapped around all of the issues in which ARARA is involved. ARARA does a marvelous job with its conference and publications. We need to maintain those strengths. But I would like to see ARARA expand its activities to be more directly involved in conservation and preservation through funding projects as was discussed at the 2016 Las Cruces conference.

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