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ARARA 2016
May 27–30, 2016
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Poster Contest Deadline May 10, 2016

Download Poster Contest Information and Entry Form in Adobe PDF format

The American Rock Art Research Association is holding its annual meeting in Las Cruces, New Mexico, May 27–30, 2016. The Education Committee is inviting schools in the area to participate in a poster contest. The theme is “Rock Art: The Importance of Cultural Heritage.” Posters are due May 10, 2016.

We hope that New Mexico teachers will be able to work this project into their busy schedules. It is an activity that falls under Social Studies and Art standards. We hope that several schools and different levels of students will participate. All final entries will be on display at the yearly conference in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The ARARA Education Committee will select the ultimate winners.

Each student will receive a certificate of participation. The grand prize will include cash, note cards, and a certificate of participation. The winner will be invited to attend the auction event at the Conference on May 28, 2016.

Contest entry rules are summarized below. Click here to Download our Contest Information and Entry Form.

Questions and entries should be directed to:
Teresa Saltzman, ARARA Education Committee Chair
E-mail: teresa.saltzman@gmail.com


THEME: Rock Art: The importance of Cultural Heritage

Actual rock art panels may NOT be reproduced or replicated. Elements should be combined in an ORIGINAL hand-drawn artistic expression. Words and slogans or computer-generated images or photographs may not be used.


SIZE: No smaller than 8½ x 11 inches/No larger than 12 x 18 inches

  • Posters may be created using color pencils, chalk (fix with hair spray or artist fixative), watercolors or tempura paint, graphite pencil, crayon, or markers.
  • Please do NOT use feathers, beads, noodles, rice, or other three-dimensional objects. Any collage items should be flat.
  • Please do not laminate posters.
  • Paper needs to be a white or light colored (no dark colored paper backgrounds), but may be fully colored and decorated.
JUDGING: Poster will be judged on adherence to the theme and skilled artwork.

  • Certificate of Entry.
  • Note cards will be made from the top posters and awarded to those artists.
  • Cash prizes.
  • Winners will be invited to the conference auction on Saturday, May 28, 2016, if they are local to the Las Cruces, New Mexico, area.