Belinda Mollard

Kevin ContiWhile an undergrad student, I joined ARARA in 2000.  I’ve presented my research at several Annual Meetings and have been an active member throughout the years.  For the past several years, I have been serving on the Conservation Committee, representing ARARA at professional conferences, and guiding field trips.  My aspirations for the association are to promote more education and conservation of rock art.  I hope to get more students involved, and support new projects in the arena of rock art research and conservation technology.  

I am a Senior Archaeologist for the Dept of Defense.  I have directed successful field operations in Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Belgium, Germany, and the Philippines, as well as CRM projects throughout the Southwest and Great Plains, including several rock art projects.  My thesis involved conservation planning for hundreds of rock art sites at Chaco Canyon.  My dissertation is a landscape study of Jornada Mogollon rock art.  

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