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ARARA has standing volunteers in several positions, such as registration, program, auction, AV, etc. There is a need for the Local Chair and Local Committee to work with these ARARA volunteers. The ARARA Board will eagerly provide guidance and additional volunteers, as requested by the Local Chair. The ARARA Conference Coordinator will make site visits, as well as communicate with the local Chamber of Commerce and specific venues, to select a conference center and lodging with input from the Local Chair.

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Why does your group want to host the ARARA Annual Conference at your location? What do you want to accomplish?

Describe strengths of the local committee. The duties of the Local Chair are significant. Have you considered the time commitment for you and your team?

What are the unique qualities of the conference location? Based on local knowledge and on-line research, can you suggest a possible venue that will hold 200-300 people for the conference? There is no need to directly contact venues.

How many field trip locations are available? Which land management agencies would be involved? How will this impact planning?

Do you know of other large events in this area that might conflict with the Memorial Day weekend?

What partnerships could be formed with other local groups (state and/or federal agencies, colleges, local societies, volunteers)?

Are there any special events that the Local Committee would like to plan for the conference (Native American participation, Plenary Speaker, workshops, performances, etc.)?  Past events at ARARA such as the Kids Poster Contest and workshops have been sponsored by standing ARARA committees, such as the Education and Conservation Committees, with consultation by the Local Chair.

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Thank you for offering to host an annual conference!