Carol Garner

Kevin ContiA member since the 2006 conference in Bluff, I did outreach for auction donations, ultimately serving as auction chair in Bakersfield in 2009, then edited ARARAonLine until last year. For Del Rio's auction, I created a quilt with drawings by 25 rock art scholars. In Idaho Falls, I got ARARA an exclusive screening of Cave of Forgotten Dreams. For the next two years, I worked to get donations for ARARA/IFRAO. I wrote Jean Clottes for his budget for IFRAO France as a template. Among smaller successes, I got $2000 from Jean Auel for simultaneous translation. In Rock Springs I served as both Field Trip Coordinator and Auction Chair.  Last year I proposed to the awards committee two grants for ongoing research by rock art students. I am running for the Board in hopes of extending our outreach to a larger and younger audience and improving communication with our membership.

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