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IFRAO -- International Federation of Rock Art Organizations

includes access to a list of IFRAO Congresses 1997-2000,

and SIARB symposium Bolivia 2000

also some alerts to endangered rock art sites of world importance

They have a very useful members’ contact list at


International Bulletin, Articles etc.


TRACCE  (an online bulletin of news, articles, etc.)






AURANET -- Australian Rock Art Research Association

Lots of information here, not only for Australia




TARA -- Trust for African Rock Art




Chinese Rock Art Research Association of China

Email SuSheng at

Or email Jane Kolber at jkolber [at] theriver[dot] com concerning a panel on rock art

conservation as part of the 16th Congress of the

International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences,

held 15-23 July 2008 in Kunming, China


South Africa


RARI -- Rock Art Research Institute