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There are two search engines on this page. The one which is more closely tailored to our needs is FreeFind. The other is Google. Both are very good. Both search inside .pdf files as well as the text of web pages. (Since our experience with these is new, it may sometimes be better to navigate in standard ways to the parts of this site you are interested in. Please let us know of any true oddities in results which are different from your experiences with search engines elsewhere.)

First is a search box using FreeFind (which will have ads in the resulting report).
Notice the very sophisticated "advanced" searching where you can customize. We have customized this with the aim to exclude pages which you would not want to find in a search.

site search by freefind advanced

Advice to users:

The quality of your search results will depend on how carefully you choose your content words. If you wish to find fewer matches, use more words or words more specific to the content you are searching for. If you wish to find more matches, use fewer words or more general ones.

If you wish to search for a fixed phrase, place quotes around it as in ["dating methods"]. This search will give results different from ones you get simply by entering the two words [dating methods] (of course without the brackets in both cases).

In the second box below you can also do a Google search limited the ARARA web site. It works very well. No ads will appear (a Google service to non-profits). We do not yet know the schedule for Google to update its indexes, so items added or changed in recent weeks may not show up here.

(Temporarily not working)