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             Please let us know here [...] of any additional recording projects we should list. The best way to find them is word of mouth in one of your state or local organizations, or by checking the “projects” page of web sites for such organizations.  See the many projects noted by the Nevada Rock Art Foundation, for example.


            Site recording is one of the most important steps in conserving the historical and cultural values in rock art left by ancient peoples.  It is also one of the easiest ways new volunteers can get involved and make a real difference. 


            Site recording projects are usually operated by state or local Rock Art organizations, or by organizations focused on archaeology.  The best way to get involved is to become an active member of those organizations.  Almost always a day’s training session is required before one can begin recording.  Here are some links to state and local organizations focused on Rock Art.





Nevada Rock Art Foundation




New Mexico


Rock Art Recording Projects of the Archaeological Society of New Mexico

Gallisteo Basin, project led by J. J. Brody






2008-2009. Sears Point Rock Art Recording Project
has a few openings for ...

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