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These are simply electronically accessible reading lists. 

See the bibliographies of major books in your field of interest.

Some of these are posted on our ARARA web site.

We are also are happy to link to reading lists on other sites if they are focused on SPECIFIC topics.

Please let us know if you have that kind of an additional reading lists we might link to. 


To find specific publications, you may wish to use Rock Art Studies: A Bibliographic Database. Please see the main "Publications" page for a link to this. Lists of Dissertations and MA Theses were derived from this database in July, 2007. Lists relevant to Chumash, Kawaiisu and Yokuts were derived from this database on 18 March, 2009.

General reading lists:

Introductions to Rock Art and Reference Works
Books on Rock Art of North America, by Culture or Area
Conservation and Preservation (Dean and Marymor)

Interpretation of Rock Art (Bibliography by Bednarik) http://mc2.vicnet.net.au/home/interpret/web/index.html

ARARA's 2009 conference in California: Searches in the Rock Art Studies database. These are all .pdf files.
(The "view details" links do not function. To use those, you must search inside the bibliographic database itself.)
Chumash (all) 259K

Chumash (some specific sites) 142K
Kawaiisu 119K

Yokuts 94K
Not from the Rock Art Studies database:
Introduction to Yokuts Rock Painting by Campbell Grant 1979 (Large file 6 Megabytes. AIRA 6 pp.21-35)
Chumash panels (photos and drawings) 52K -- where to find published images of them (two pages wide)

ARARA's 2007 conference in Montana:

Plains Rock Art, Biographic, Ledger, Shields (Anderson)

Winter Count Sources (Christina Burke; relevant to interpretation of some rock art)


Greer Services reports on Montana rock art


Greer Services reports on Wyoming rock art



Rock Art Panels Created as Integrated Compositions or Scenes  (Anderson)

            (where illustrations have been published)                               (link ?)