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Back issues of La Pintura from Volume 21 (1994-1995) to the present can now be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

La Pintura is published quarterly by the American Rock Art Research Association. Editorial address is:

     La Pintura

     Amy Gilreath, Editor

     456 Russell St.

     Winters, CA 95694



     2016 -              , Editor

     2010 - 2016      William “Breen” Murray, Editor
                                 Amy Gilreath, Production
     2008 - 2010      William “Breen” Murray, Editor
                                 Jenny Huang, Production
     2005 - 2008      William “Breen” Murray, Editor
                                 Ken Hedges, Production
     1994 - 2005      Ken Hedges, Editor
     1974 - 1994      Frank Bock, Editor


La Pintura solicits articles, news, letters to the editor, and other items of interest to its readers. Please observe the following criteria for all manuscripts submitted.


Letters to the Editor: No special format necessary.


News Items: Please indicate all pertinent information such as the event, time, place, cost (if any), group or person in charge, who to contact, addresses, and deadlines.


Articles: Manuscripts of original research are always welcome. They should embrace sound principles of investigation and present data in a clear and concise manner. Manuscripts submitted for publicaton must follow The ARARA Style Guide for matters of body copy, notes, literature citations, and the proper format for References Cited. Articles are subject to editorial review and may be edited for length.


Please submit all materials intended for publication via e-mail to the Editor, . Please include author’s name, title or profession, affiliation, city, state, and return e-mail address. Line drawings and high-quality photographs are an asset to articles submitted. Materials that cannot be e-mailed may be sent to the mailing address provided above.

Deadline dates for submission of articles to La Pintura:
     Issue 1 (mailed mid-February): January 15
     Issue 2 (distributed at Conference and mailed early June): April 15
     Issue 3 (mailed mid-August): July 15
     Issue 4 (mailed mid-November): October 15