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The Education Award

Education is a key tool in the preservation of rock images. ARARA has many awards that include education as a component of their criteria. Both the CAP award and the Frank and A.J. Bock award mention education as part of the qualifications to be identified for these awards. This award is not meant to take the place of either of these awards but is rather meant to emphasize the role of education in the preservation, appreciation and conservation of rock images. Since children are a key component to the preservation of rock images in the future, individuals working with children (K-12) should be considered as well as college and continuing education projects. The Education Award was establioshed in 2008.

Although this is a recognition award, the other purpose is to identify worthy projects and make a monetary contribution to that project or program. ARARA is a scientific organization but education isn’t only about science so the recipients of this award might also include those who make an artistic contribution through lesson plans or programs that include the visual arts and/or creative writing. This award might also go to an organization that creates educational materials (i.e., films, handouts or books). Most of the qualifications will be similar to those for the CAP Award but with a different focus. Although the wording of these qualifications mentions individuals the main focus is on the project and its goals and results.

Recipient Qualifications and Other Award Guidelines

  • The nominator does not need to be a member of ARARA.
  • The Education Award can be made to more than one recipient within the same year but the monetary award would then be divided.
  • The recipient of the Education Award need not be a member of ARARA.
  • The recipient of the Education Award may be either professionally or avocationally involved in rock image education.
  • The Education Award may be made to an individual for work that was a normal part of his or her employment or professional activities; similarly, it can be made to a group, organization, or agency for work that was a regular part of its operations.
  • An individual, group, organization, or agency may receive an Education Award more than once for additional educational efforts.
  • The recipient's efforts to incorporate the participation and advice of Native Peoples into their work will be valued.
  • The recipient of the Education Award must have operated within the bounds of federal, state, tribal, and local law when carrying out the action for which an award is made.

Nominating Procedure

  • The statement of nomination must include the action(s) or accomplishment(s) that warrant the award and the significance of the action to the promotion of rock image education.
  • Nominations should be sent to the ARARA Awards Chairman:

Troy Scotter, Awards Chair

Selection The Selection Committee will include:

  • ARARA Awards committee
  • ARARA Education committee
  • Anonymous donor (ad hoc)

The selection process is similar to other ARARA awards. The education and awards committees as well as individuals may make nominations for this award. Since the awards and education committees change over time also the individual members of the EA selection committee will change with time.

The ARARA Board has final approval of the award winner after the selection has been made.

Award and Presentation

The Education Award is a certificate suitable for framing and a monetary award of $500* (total for the year). This money is to be used to further the work by the individual or agency for the project. The certificate is to state the recipient's name, ARARA's name and logo, the name of the award, a brief statement of why the award is presented, and the year of the award. The money may be used for materials, salaries, field trips or scholarships, etc. Additionally, the award winner(s) will receive membership in ARARA for one year.
* This amount to be donated by Anonymous donor yearly for the purpose of this award. The award will be given only when funded.

Annual timetable** for Education Award selection and presentation:

June–August—The ARARA selects an Education and Awards Award Subcommittee.
September—A call for Education Award nominations is announced in La Pintura, and through on line lists. Perhaps in addition to these venues a list of Universities and Colleges that might have eligible programs could be informed via snail mail.
December—Deadline for submitting Education Award nominations.
January—The Awards and Education Subcommittees review nominations and prepares a recommendation.
March—Anonymous donor reviews the Education Award Subcommittee recommendation and submits a recommendation to ARARA’s Board. Members review this recommendation and vote to determine the Education Award recipient(s). If ARARA decides to further fund this award then this step could be revised.
April—Award recipient(s) notified unless it is ascertained that they will be at the annual conference.
May—Education Award(s) presented at the ARARA Annual Conference.
Summer—Name(s) of the Education Award recipient(s) are to be published in La Pintura. Other nominees can be recognized for their achievements in this publication.

Past recipients include (award not given in years not listed):