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This is simply a list of mostly major books grouped by geographic or culture areas, for those wanting a quick start into various areas of North American rock art, or into some general topics.

Mostly it does not contain articles. It contains only a few books which are collections of articles, when they share a common areal or cultural focus..
It is no substitute for use of the Bibliographic Database compiled by Leigh Marymor.
There is a separate reading list for topics in Conservation of rock art.

This book list is divided into the following categories:

The order of listing is generally from south to north (Northern Mexico, then the USA, then Canada), and from west to east, but with the Northwest Coast last among the areas. Books which span North America and general books on rock art come at the very end.

Mesoamerica East and Central America
Mexico North and Central / West

Baja California







Southwest, Four Corners, Colorado Plateau

Popular Southwest – attempts to read symbols

Popular Southwest – guidebooks


New Mexico



Southern Plains and Midwest

Eastern States

Northwest Coast

North America Surveys

General on Rock Art



Year    Title     Number of Pages        Author             Publisher


2009    Rock Art of the Caribbean 285pp.          

                        Michele H Hayward, Lesley-Tail Atkinson, and Michael A.Cinquino (eds.)

Mesoamerica East and Central America

2003    Arte Rupestre de Méxiclo Oriental y Centro América                   

                        Martin Künne y Matthias Strecker (eds.)

                        Indiana Supplemento 16

Mexico North
(also available courtesy of Andrea Stone is a list for North and Central and West Mexico)

Within this group, sequence is from Sonora and Chihuahua south to Querétaro,
                        then works generally on Mexican Rock Art
2004    El Mensaje de las Rocas: Pinturas Rupestres en la Región Pima                   

                        Aguilar Valenzuela, Bertha Alicia ; Beaumont Pfeiffer (O.F.M.), Padre David Joseph

                        Hermosillo: Instituto Sonorense de Cultura

2007    Arte Rupestre del Noreste                 

                        Murray, William Breen           Monterrey: Fondo Editorial de Nuevo León

2006    Espejo de Piedra, Memoria de la Luz.  El Arte Rupestre de Chihuahua

                        Mendiola, Francisco    México: Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua

2008    Las Manifestaciones gráfico rupestres en los sitios arqueológicos de Acapulco 152pp.

                        Manzanilla López, Rubén; Talavera González, Arturo. México: INAH

1998    Boca de Potrerillos      149 pp.

                        Lozano de Salas, Ernestina ; Valadez Moreno, Moise?s   

                        Monterrey, Mexico: Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León / Museo Bernabe de las Casas
2006    Los Petroglifos del Norte de México.

                        Victor Joel Santos Ramírez, Ramón Viñas Vallverdú            México: INAH

1999    Expresión y memoria: Pintura Rupestre y Petrograbado en las Sociedades del Norte de México.                   

                       Viramontes Anzures, Carlos and Ana María Crespo Oviedo (eds.)      México: INAH

2005    El Lenguaje de los Símbolos: El Arte Rupestre de los Sociedades Prehispánicas de Querétaro.

                        Viramontes Anzures, Carlos and Ana María Crespo Oviedo (eds.)      

                        Historiografia queretana vol.XV, Gobierno del Estado de Querétaro, Santiago de Querétaro

2005    Gráfica Rupestre y Paisaje Ritual: la Cosmovisión de los Recolectores-Cazadores deQuerétaro.

                        Viramontes Anzures, Carlos                                México: INAH

1993    El Arte Rupestre en México

                        Casado López, María del Pilar ; Mirambell Silva, Lorena     

2005    Arte Rupestre en México: Ensayos 1990-2004                     

                        Casado López, María del Pilar ; Mirambell Silva, Lorena      México: INAH
2008    Las Manifestaciones Gráfico Rupestres en los Sitios Arequeológicos de Acapulco                     

                        Rubén Manzanilla López y Arturo Talavera González      México: INAH


Baja California

1998    Cave Paintings Of Baja California: Discovering the Great Murals of an Unknown People  246

                        Crosby, Harry W.        Sunbelt Publications

1978    Seven rock art sites in Baja California            236 pp.

                        Meighan, Clement W. ; Pontoni, V. L.           Ballena Press

1969    Indian Art and History. The Testimony of Prehispanic Rock Paintings in Baja California   79 pp.

                        Meighan, Clement Woodward           Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles CA

1974    Rock Art of Baja California.
                        With Notes on the Pictographs of Baja California by Léon Diguet (1895) 146 pp.

                        Grant, Campbell          Dawson's Book Shop, Los Angeles CA

1976    Pacific Coast Archaeological Society Quarterly.        56        pp.

1994    Arte Rupestre. Guía Baja California Sur        96 pp.

                        Gutiérrez Martínez, Ma. de la Luz      Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Historia



1993    Rock Paintings of the Chumash         163 pp.

                        Grant, Campbell          Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

1984    Papers on Chumash Rock Art 102 pp.

                        Alioto, Joseph T.         San Luis Obispo County Archaeological Society

1992    The Rock Art Lithographs of Lala Eve Rivol            108 pp.

                        Freeman, Paul ; Rival, Lala Eve          Marin Museum of the American Indian

1989    Rock Art and Archaeology in Santa Barbara County, California      50 pp.

                        Hyder, William D       San Luis Obispo County Archaeological Society

1982    Guide to Painted Cave           28 pp.

                        Hudson, Travis            McNally & Loftin, Santa Barbara

1979    The Painted Rock of California. A Legend.   107 pp.

                        Angel, Myron  Padre Productions



1987    Rock Drawings of the Coso Range, Inyo County, California            147 pp.

                        Grant, Campbell          Maturango Press

1998    Coso Rock Art            182 pp.

                        Younkin, Elva Maturango Press

1996    Stories in Stone. Rock Art Pictures by Early Americans        48 pp.

                        Arnold, Caroline ; Hewett, Richard   Clarion Books

1982    Pictographs of the Coso Region. Analysis and Interpretation of the Coso Painted Style     111 pp.

                        Schiffman, Robert A. Bakersfield College

2000    The Art of the Shaman. Rock Art of California         138 pp.

                        Whitley, David           Univ. of Utah Press

1998    Following the Shaman's Path: A walking guide to Little Petroglyph Canyon, Coso Range, California 66 pp.

                        Whitley, David S.       Maturango Press



1981    Messages from the Past. Studies in California Rock Art       185 pp.

                        Meighan, Clement Woodward           Univ. of California Los Angeles Institute of Archaeology

1975    Indian Rock Art of Southern California with Selected Petroglyph Catalog  150 pp.

                        Smith, Gerald A          San Bernardino County Museum Association

1994    Fading Images. Indian Pictographs of Western Riverside County    91 pp.

                        Freers, Steven M. ; Smith, Gerald A. Riverside Museum Press

1988    The Forgotten Artist. Indians of Anza-Borrego and Their Rock Art 117 pp.

                        Knaak, Manfred          Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association

1983    Ancient Images on Stone. Rock Art of the Californias          128 pp.

                        Bock, Frank ; Van Tilburg, Jo Anne   Univ. of California Los Angeles Institute of Archaeology

1986    Rock Art North of Bishop . A Graphic Record         248 pp.

                        Raven, Christopher

1965    Rock Art of Owens Valley, California (Reports - University of California Archaeological Survey) 128 pp.

                        von Werlhof, Jay C.    Univ. of California Archaeological Facility, Dept. of Anthropology

1991    The Halloran Spring Petroglyphs        45 pp.

                        Turner, Wilson G        San Bernardino County Museum Association

1994    The Rock Art of Black Canyon          278 pp.

                        Turner, Wilson G        San Bernardino County Museum Association


California and Nevada

2007    Archaeology and Rock Art of the Eastern Sierra and Great Basin Frontier  186 pp.

                        Garfinkel, Alan P.       Maturango Press

1929    Petroglyphs of California and Adjoining States         238 pp.

                        Steward, Julian H.      Univ. of California Archaeological Facility, Dept. of Anthropology

1984    Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern California        430 pp.

                        Heizer, Robert F. ; Baumhoff, Martin A.       Univ. of California Press

1996    A Guide to Rock Art Sites: Southern California and Southern Nevada        224 pp.

                        Whitley, David S.       Mountain Press Publishing Company



2007    Great Basin Rock Art: Archaeological Perspectives  184 pp.

                        Quinlan, Angus R       University of Nevada Press

1998    Rock art studies in the Great Basin    124 pp.

                        Ritter, Eric W  Coyote Press

1993    An Annotated Petroglyph and Pictograph Bibliography of Nevada and the Great Basin    99 pp.

                        McLane, Alvin R.       Desert Research Institute



2002    Rock Art Of Utah       170 pp.

                        Schaafsma, Polly         Univ. of Utah Press

2000    Guide to Rock Art of the Utah Region          245 pp.

                        Slifer, Dennis  Ancient City Press, Santa Fe, NM

1984    Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Utah. The East and Northeast         232 pp.

                        Castleton, Kenneth B., M.D. Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City

1987    Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Utah. The South, Central, West and Northwest     356 pp.

                        Castleton, Kenneth B., M.D. Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City

1972    Prehistoric Petroglyphs and Pictographs in Utah.      70 pp.

                        Siegrist, Roland          Utah Museum of Fine Arts

2004    New Dimensions In Rock Art Studies           244 pp.

                        Matheny, Ray Utah Museum of Peoples & Cultures

1999    Rock Art of Clear Creek Canyon in Central Utah     180 pp.

                        Baker, Shane A. ; Billat, Scott E.       Museum of Peoples and Cultures, BYU

2003    Horned Snakes & Axle Grease           196 pp.

                        Spangler, Donna K. ; Spangler, Jerry D.         Uinta Publishing

1979    Survey of Rock Art in the Central Portion of Nine Mile Canyon Eastern Utah 153 pp.

                        Hurst, Winston ; Louthan, Bruce D.   BYU Dept. of Anthropology and Archaeology

1992    The Complete Guide to Rock Art Panels at the Mouth of Butler Wash Site
                        on the San Juan River, Utah 124 pp.

                        Marcus, Deborah ; Noxon, John

1963    Petrographs of the Glen Canyon Region        74 pp.

                        Turner, Christy G        Northern Arizona Society of Science and Art

1996    Sacred Images. A Vision of Native American Rock Art       112 pp.

                        Kelen, Leslie ; Sucec, David   Gibbs-Smith Publisher, Salt Lake City

1994    Shamanism and Rock Art in North America  137 pp. [San Juan &&]

                        Turpin, Solveig A.       Rock Art Foundation, Inc., San Antonio


Southwest, Four Corners, Colorado Plateau

1986    Indian Rock Art of the Southwest     393 pp.

                        Schaafsma, Polly         Univ. of New Mexico Press

2002    Stone Chisel and Yucca Brush: Colorado Plateau Rock Art 240 pp.

                        Malotki, Ekkehart ; Weaver, Donald E.         Kiva Publishing

1990    Legacy on Stone. Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau and Four Corners Region       279 pp.

                        Cole, Sally J.   Johnson Publishing

1989    Rock Art of the Western Canyons     184 pp.

                        Day, Jane        CAS with Denver Museum of Natural History

1982    Canyon Country Prehistoric Rock Art           304 pp.

                        Barnes, F. A.   Wasatch Publishers

1994    Rock Art of the American Southwest            128 pp.

                        Hirschmann, Fred ; Thybony, Scott    Graphic Arts Center Publishing

1998    Art on the Rocks: Rock Art of the Southwest           32 pp.

                        Hucko, Bruce  Sierra Club Books for Children

1993    Images on Stone: The Prehistoric Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau            32 pp.

                        Weaver, Donald E.     Museum of Northern Arizona

1992    Ancient Walls. Indian Ruins of the Southwest          112 pp.

                        Place, Chuck   Fulcrum Publishing

1996    On the Edge of Magic            96 pp.

                        Mancini, Salvatore      Chronice Books, San Francisco CA

1988    Terra Incognita            31 pp.

                        Mancini, Salvatore      Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, Brown Uni

2000    The Serpent and the Sacred Fire: Fertility Images in Southwest Rock Art   208 pp.

                        Slifer, Dennis  Museum of New Mexico Press

Popular Southwest – attempts at reading meaning into symbols

1992    A         Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest            256 pp.

                        Patterson, Alex           Johnson Books

1973    The      Rocks Begin to Speak 210 pp.

                        Martineau, LaVan       KC Publications


Popular Southwest – mostly guide books

2000    Rock-Art of the Southwest    167 pp.

                        Welsh, Liz ; Welsh, Peter        Wilderness Press

2005    Rock Art Savvy. The Responsible Visitor's Guide to Public Sites of the Southwest            240

                        Sanders, Ronald D.     Mountain Press Publishing Company

2006    Rock Art Along the Way        159 pp.

                        Farnsworth, Janet Webb         Rio Nuevo Publishers, Tucson AZ

2001    Rock Art and Ruins for Beginners and Old Guys     206 pp.

                        Scholl, Albert B., Jr.   Rainbow

2005    Roadside Guide to Indian Ruins & Rock Art of the Southwest       240 pp.

                        Sullivan, Cathie ; Sullivan, Gordon    Westcliffe Publishers

1998    Petroglyphs. Ancient Language / Sacred Art             183 pp.

                        Moore, Sabra   Clear Light Publishers

1974    Suns and Serpents. The Symbolism of Indian Rock Art        64 pp.

                        Packard, Gar ; Packard, Maggy          Self-published

1979    Canyon Country Prehistoric Indians. Their Cultures, Ruins, Artifacts and Rock Art           256 pp.

                        Barnes, F. A. ; Pendleton, Michaelene           Wasatch Publishers

1995    Stone Magic of the Ancients. Petroglyphs, Shamanic Shrine Sites, Ancient Rituals             188 pp.

                        Cunkle, James R. ; Jacquemain, Markus A.    Golden West Publishers



2007    Hopi History in Stone            126 pp. + CD

                        Bernardini, Wesley. Arizona State Museum Archaeological Series 200

2007    The Rock Art of Arizona: Art for Life's Sake            194 pp.

                        Malotki, Ekkehart       Kiva Publishing

1994    Tapamveni. The Rock Art Galleries of Petrified Forest and Beyond            194 pp.

                        Malotki, Ekkehart ; McCreery, Patricia          Petrified Forest Museum Association

2002    Landscape of the Spirits. Hohokam Rock Art at South Mountain Park        252 pp.

                        Bostwick, Todd W. ; Krocek, Peter   Univ. of Arizona Press

1986    Petroglyphs of the Picacho Mountains, South Central Arizona         243 pp.

                        Holmlund, James P ; Wallace, Henry D         Institute for American Research

1978    Canyon de Chelly, Its People and Rock Art 290 pp.

                        Grant, Campbell          Univ. of Arizona Press

1992    Katsina Iconography in Homol'ovi Rock Art 168 pp.

                        Cole, Sally J.   Arizona Archaeological Society

1971    Rock art in the Navajo Reservoir District       74 pp.

                        Schaafsma, Polly         Museum of New Mexico Press

1981    Rock Art of the Zuni-Cibola Region 44 pp.

                        Bartman, Nancy L ; Young, M. Jane  Pueblo of Zuni


New Mexico

1992    Rock Art in New Mexico       175      Kernberger, Karl ;

                        Schaafsma, Curtis F. ; Schaafsma, Polly        Museum of New Mexico Press

1998    Signs of Life. Rock Art of the Upper Rio Grande     273 pp.

                        Slifer, Dennis  Ancient City Press, Santa Fe, NM

1993    Petroglyphs & Pueblo myths of the Rio Grande        136 pp.

                        Patterson-Rudolph, Carol       Avanyu Publishing Inc.

1995    Sentinels on Stone      75 pp.

                        Lilienthal, Betty ; Hoard, Dorothy     Los Alamos Historical Society

1989    Rock Art of Bandelier National Monument   156 pp.

                        Ferguson, Lisa ; Ferguson, William ; Rohn, Arthur H.           Univ. of New Mexico Press

1993    Petroglyph National Monument         15 pp.

                        Lamb, Susan ; Foreman, Ron ; Bean, Tom     Southwest Parks and Monuments Association

1996    San Cristóbal. Voices and Visions of the Galisteo Basin       260 pp.

                        Singleton Mednick, Christina Museum of New Mexico Press

1987    San Luis Valley Rock Art       183 pp.

                        Kessler, Ron    Adobe Village Press, Monte Vista CO



1996    The Rock Art of Texas Indians          239 pp.

                        Kirkland, Forrest ; Newcomb, William W      Univ. of Texas

2003    Rock Art of the Lower Pecos             139 pp.

                        Boyd, Carolyn E.        Texas A&M University Press

1996    Life in a Rock Shelter. Prehistoric Indians of the Lower Pecos         108 pp.

                        Acker, G. Elaine         Hendrick-Long Publishing

1991    Pecos River Rock Art             72 pp.

                        Turpin, Solveig A. ; Zintgraff, Jim     Sandy McPherson Publishing, San Antonio TX

1997    The Lewis Canyon Petroglyphs          39 pp.

                        Bass, Joel ; Turpin, Solveig A Rock Art Foundation

1938    Picture-Writing of Texas Indians        490 pp.

                        Jackson, A. T. Univ. of Texas



2000    Warrior, Shield, and Star: Imagery and Ideology of Pueblo Warfare            224 pp.

                        Schaafsma, Polly         Western Edge Press

1976    Pueblo Shields from the Fred Harvey Fine Arts Collection   96 pp.

                        Wright, Barton            Northland Press



2008   Thunder and Herds: Rock Art on the High Plains
                        Loendorf, Lawrence. Left Coast Press
2001    Plains Indian Rock Art           346 pp.

                        Keyser, James D. ; Klassen, Michael A.         Univ of British Columbia Pr

2008    Ute Horse Raiders on the Powder Rim. Rock ARt at Powder Wash, Wyoming.     104 pp.

                        Keyser, James D. ; Poetschat, George.    Oregon Archaeological Society Publication No.19

2009    Crow Rock Art in the Bighorn Basin: Petroglyphs at No Water, Wyoming            110 pp.

                        Keyser, James D.; Poetschat, George      Oregon Archaeological Society Publication No.20

1983    Indian Rock Art in Wyoming             239 pp.

                        Hendry, Mary Helen   Self-published

1969    The Rock Art of Dinwoody, Wyoming;         78 pp.

                        Gebhard, David          Univ. of California Santa Barbara Art Galleries

2002    Ancient Visions. Petroglyphs and Pictographs of the Wind River and Bighorn Country,
                        Wyoming and Montana          239 pp.

                        Francis, Julie ; Loendorf, Lawrence L

1971    Rock Art of the Montana High Plains            67 pp.

                        Conner, Betty Lu ; Conner, Stuart W Univ. of California Santa Barbara Art Galleries

1990    Rock Art of the Southern Black Hills            422 pp.

                        Sundstrom, Linea        Garland Publishing Inc.

1980    Story on Stone. A photographic record of rock art in the Southern Alberta area surrounding the
                        City of Lethbridge      76 pp.

                        Archaeological Society of Alberta


Southern Plains and Midwest

2005    Rock Art in Arkansas             146 pp.

                        Sabo, Deborah ; Sabo, George            Arkansas Archaeological Survey

1994    Petroglyphs of Southeast Colorado and the Oklahoma Panhandle    118 pp.

                        McGlone, Bill ; Leonard, Phil ; Barker, Ted   Mithras, Inc., Kamas UT

1981    Kansas Rock Art         33 pp.

                        O'Neill, Brian  Kansas State Historical Society

2000    The Petroglyphs and Pictographs of Missouri            331 pp.

                        Diaz-Granados, Carol ; Duncan, James Richard        Univ. of Alabama Press

2001    The Jeffers Petroglyphs: Native American Rock Art on the Midwestern Plains       115 pp.

                        Callahan, Kevin L.      Prairie Smoke Press


Eastern States

2004    The Rock-Art of Eastern North America       426 pp.

                        Diaz-Granados, Carol ; Duncan, James Richard        Univ. of Alabama Press

2002    Picture Rocks. American Indian Rock Art in the Northeast Woodlands       280 pp.

                        Lenik, Edward J.        University Press of New England

2001    Petroglyphs (Rock Carvings) in the Susquehanna River near Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania     59 pp.

                        Cadzow, Donald A.    Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission


Canada East - Algonquians

1967    Indian Rock Paintings of the Great Lakes (Quetico Foundation)      202 pp.

                        Dewdney, Selwyn ; Kidd, Kenneth E.           Univ. of Toronto Press

1970    Dating Rock Art in the Canadian Shield Region       71 pp.

                        Dewdney, Selwyn H  Royal Ontario Museum

1965    Stone Age Paintings,  32 pp.

                        Dewdney, Selwyn      Manitoba Dept. of Mines and Natural Resources

2000    Magic on the Rocks. Canoe Country Pictographs      182 pp.

                        Furtman, Michael        Birch Portage Press

1991    Spirits on Stone: The Agawa Pictographs      87 pp.

                        Conway, Julie ; Conway, Thor           Heritage Discoveries

1995    Reading Rock Art: Interpreting the Indian Rock Paintings of the Canadian Shield 191 pp.

                        Rajnovich, Margaret Grace     Natural Heritage

1973    Sacred Art of the Algonkians. A Study of the Peterborough Petroglyphs    164 pp.

                        Vastokas, Joan ; Vastokas, Romas     Mansard Press


Northwest Coast

1992    Columbia Plateau Rock Art    116 pp.

                        Keyser, James D         Oregon Archaeological Society

1982    The Ancient Painted Images of the Columbia Gorge 94 pp.

                        Woodward, John A    Acoma Books

1994    Indian Petroglyphs of the Columbia Gorge: The Jeanne Hillis Rubbings      24 pp.

                        Keyser, James D.        J.Y. Hollingsworth Co.
2004    Echoes of the Ancients. Rock Art of the Dalles-Deschutes Region  114 pp.

                        Keyser, James D ; Taylor, Michael W. ; Poetschat, George   Oregon Archaeological Society

1950    Petroglyphs of Central Washington.   57 pp.

                        Cain, Harvey Thomas Univ. of Washington Press

1993    They Write their Dreams on the Rock Forever: Rock Writings of the Stein River Valley of
                        British Columbia            320 pp.

                        Arnett, Chris ; Daly, Richard ; York, Annie   Talonbooks

1992    Indian Rock Art of the Columbia Plateau      139 pp.

                        Keyser, James D.

1968    Pictographs (Indian Rock Paintings) in the Interior of British Columbia      131 pp.

                        Corner, John    J. Corner, R.R. 4

2004    Preliminary Results of the 2002 Rock Art Recording Project, Kosciusko Island, Southeast Alaska 30 pp.

                        Keyser, James D ; Poetschat, George U.S. Forest Service

1998    Gabriola: Petroglyph Island    152 pp.

                        Bentley, Mary Sono Nis Press

1998    Spirit in the Stone       111 pp.

                        Inglis, Joy        Horsdal & Schubart

1975    Indian Petroglyphs of the Pacific Northwest             320 pp.

                        Hill, Beth ; Hill, Ray   Univ. of Washington Press

1975    Guide to Indian Rock Carvings of the Pacific Northwest Coast       49 pp.

                        Hill, Beth        Hancock House Publishers

1971    Indian Rock Carvings of the Pacific Northwest,       96 pp.

                        Meade, Edward F       Gray's Publishing

1983    Pictographs and Petroglyphs of the Oregon Country. Part II: Southern Oreton.     355 pp.

                        J. Malcolm Loring & Louise Loring. Institute of Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles
1978    Klamath Basin Petroglyphs. 69pp.

                        B.K. Swartz, Jr. Balena Press Anthroplological Papers No.12

North America Surveys of Rock Art

1979    A Survey of North American Indian Rock Art          461 pp.

                        Wellmann, Klaus F ; Arndt, Ursula    Akademische Druck- u. Verlagsanstalt

1992    Rock Art of the American Indian       178 pp.

                        Grant, Campbell          Vistabooks

1983    The Rock Art of the North American Indians            124 pp.

                        Grant, Campbell          Cambridge University Press

1993    Painted Dreams           157 pp.

                        Conway, Thor NorthWord Press

1988    Marks in Place             133 pp.

                        Conner, Linda ; Dingus, Rick ; Fitch, Steve ; Davis, Keith; Pfahl, John ;
                        Roitz, Charles ; Schaafsma, Polly


General books on Rock Art

2006    Talking With the Past. The Ethnography of Rock Art           380 pp.

                        Keyser, James D ; Poetschat, George R ; Taylor, Michael W Oregon Archaeological Society

2005    Discovering North American Rock Art          334 pp.

                        Chippindale, Christopher ; David S Whitley ; Lawrence L. Loendorf          Univ. of Arizona Press

1999    The Archaeology of Rock-Art            392 pp.

                        Chippindale, Christopher ; Paul S. C. Taçon  Cambridge University Press

2004    The Figured Landscapes of Rock-Art: Looking at Pictures in Place 420 pp.

                        Chippindale, Christopher ; Nash, George       Cambridge University Press

2005    Introduction to Rock Art Research    215 pp.

                        Whitley, David S.       Left Coast Press

2001    Handbook of Rock Art Research       863 pp.

                        Whitley, David S.       AltaMira Press

1990    Discovering Prehistoric Rock Art: A Recording Manual       237 pp.

                        Meighan, Clement W. ; Sanger, Kay K.         Wormwood Press

2005    Aesthetics and Rock Art        316 pp.

                        Clegg, John ; Heyd, Thomas   Ashgate Publishing