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Frank & A. J. Bock Award for Extraordinary Achievement

Approved on March 10, 2006, this award was created by the American Rock Art Research Association Board and named in honor of Frank and A. J. Bock, first recipients of the Klaus Wellmann Memorial Award and indefatigable supporters of ARARA. Frank and A.J. were two of the co-founders of ARARA. Frank served as editor of La Pintura for the first 20 years of ARARA's existence and was editor or co-editor of 13 volumes of American Indian Rock Art, continuing his strong behind-the-scenes support until he passed away in 2006. A.J. served ARARA as Secretary/Treasurer for the first 18 years, and subsequently as Archivist until her death in 2011. Together they recorded and organized volunteers to help record many rock art sites across the Western USA.

The ARARA Board may present the Frank & A. J. Bock Award for Extraordinary Achievement from time to time to candidates with extraordinary achievements over their lifetime in the fields of rock art studies, documentation, education, conservation, and outreach. This award differs from the Wellmann Award in that it is a lifetime award that does not necessarily recognize service to ARARA or need to be awarded to an ARARA member. While similar to the CAP Award, it goes farther by expanding the criteria to include such items as education and public outreach. This new award provides another opportunity for ARARA to recognize individuals and/or entities that have worked over an extended period of time doing a wide range of rock art related services in addition to conservation and preservation.

Nominations with at least five letters of recommendation may be sent to the ARARA Awards Chair at any time for consideration, but must arrive at least two months prior to the annual conference or they may not receive consideration until the next year. Send nominations to:

Troy Scotter, Awards Chair

Past recipients include (award not given in years not listed):