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ARARA 2017 Conference
The Lodge at Eagle Crest
Redmond, Oregon
June 1–5, 2017

The Key to Preserving and Protecting Rock Art
is the Education of Today's Youth

An educational outreach event will occur in conjunction with the 2017 ARARA annual conference. The educational event will take place Thursday, June 1st from 1:00-2:30 at Lava Ridge Elementary School in Bend, Oregon (15 miles from Redmond). We will be enlightening 100 third grade students about the importance of respecting and preserving rock art.

Our plan is to gather the students in one room for a PowerPoint presentation about rock art. Then, along with the classroom teachers, our volunteers will go into individual classrooms for one or two hands-on activities. With the knowledge gained from our presentation and related activities, the students will learn to appreciate rock art. Clearly, when students learn to value rock art, they also learn to protect and preserve it—and that is our goal. We also encourage the students to pass on their new-found knowledge to their parents and friends.

To accomplish this outreach, we need volunteers! We need two volunteers in each of the four classrooms to lead the activities; that means eight volunteers. We will supply all the materials and instructions for the activities—all you need to provide is your passion for rock art and a willingness to share your enthusiasm with third grade children. If you would like to help with this worthwhile endeavor, please contact Eileen Gose at goseranch@gmail.com or (541) 516-6405.